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Who can attend Spectrum training?

Spectrum is a specialist Victorian mental health service. Consequently Spectrum training is designed primarily to assist mental health clinicians from Victorian area mental health services better meet the needs of their clients with severe borderline personality disorder. In recognition of the contribution to the care of these clients made by various organizations working in partnership with mental health services, some of our training is open to all service providers. However if you are unsure of the suitability of training for your needs, please take the time to enquire.

Who can request Spectrum training for their service?

At present Spectrum is able to meet most requests from Victorian area mental health services. We endeavour to meet such requests within the limits of our resources and the principle of equity across the different areas of the State. Services arranging such training are encouraged, where appropriate, to invite staff from other organizations with a significant role in meeting the needs of clients in the local area. We are not able to provide training on request for non-mental health services other than Fee For Service. However, we can provide a referral list of private trainers.

What can be requested?

Many of the topics on our calendar can be provided as training at Victorian area mental health services. Arrangements such as audience size and timing of presentations will be negotiated to meet service needs. We can also support the activities of journal clubs or interest groups.

Are there other training options?

Spectrum provides some training in conjunction with other organisations such as Vicserv and Mental Health Cluster organisations. Enquiries and bookings are made directly with these organisations. Click the following links for contact information - Vicserv & Mental Health Cluster.

Can I access Training from a remote area?

Regional Area Mental Health Services around Victoria may be able to access professional development via videoconference. More information is available on this website in Workshop details.