2015 Model of Care

Through Spectrum, the Personality Disorder Service for Victoria, Eastern Health has provided a suite of services to the public mental health sector of Victoria for over 15 years.

Over this time the Victorian service sector has seen major reform effecting 

  • Area Mental Health Services
  • Mental Health Community Support Sector
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment and Support Sector.

Federally funded programs have developed enormously over this time, including:

  • The Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative
  • The Mental Health Nurse Incentive Programme
  • Youth Mental Health Initiative Program (Headspace)

New stakeholders and partners have emerged including:

  • The Australian BPD Foundation
  • Borderline Support
  • Project Air

In 2012, the Commonwealth Government, through the National Health and Medical Research Council, released the official Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Borderline Personality Disorder in Australia. This recommended a stepped care approach with specified roles for specialised BPD services such as Spectrum.

In response to these developing conditions Spectrum has consulted stakeholder groups and the Victorian Department of Health in relation to the services we provide to the Victorian Mental Health Sector. Spectrum’s model of care has been revised and a new suite of services designed to best meet contemporary conditions has been developed