Spectrum Services 2015 to 2017

BPD Clinic

The BPD clinic will provide a number of individual and group outpatient treatments. The BPD clinic will operate across two main sites, 54 Gertrude St, Fitzroy and 4 Bona St East Ringwood and comprise:

  • A Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Clinic (individual + group treatment)
  • A Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) Clinic (individual + group treatment)
  • An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Clinic (individual + group treatment)
  • A Psychoanalytic Clinic (individual treatment up to twice weekly)

Referral and Consultation Service

This service is based at 4 Bona St East Ringwood. It will provide a primarily Telephone and Skype based service incorporating:

  • Referral and Intake
  • Clinician advice and secondary consultation

Complex Care Service

This service is delivered from one of Spectrum’s sites in East Ringwood or Fitzroy for those who can travel or as an outreach service to the location of the client or treating team. It will provide:

  • Direct supportive work to help contain and stabilize the condition of those seriously affected by personality disorders
  • Service system supports (including secondary consultation and advice).

Telehealth arrangements will augment service delivery particularly to remote regions.

Spectrum Intensive Group Program

This service is based at Grey St, East Ringwood. Treatment will consist of a day treatment program series for up to 8 people, operating four hours a day for two days per week for a 10-week period. Group programs will repeat throughout the year.

This program has been put in place following the closure of the Spectrum Residential Program and draws from the experience and expertise that was developed by the Residential Services. This program is a project and will run from 2016 to 2017. If this project is successful it will be established as a regular Spectrum program

This program is being run in collaboration with primary care and mental health community support services (MHCCS)

Assessments Clinic

This service provides patient assessments for all treatment referrals to Spectrum, as well as psychiatric second opinions to Area Mental Health Service and psychiatric assessments under the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) to the primary sector (GP’s). The specialist team will determine diagnosis, severity as well as a comprehensive biopsychosocial formulation, contributing to directions and recommendations for:

  • Follow-up across Spectrum’s suite of services
  • Follow up outside Spectrum
  • Advice to GP’s

Workforce Development Unit
Provides an innovative training program to Area Mental Health Service clinicians as well as partners in care from the Mental Health Community Sector and Primary Sector providers

Research and Evaluation Unit
Provides evaluation and supports research into programs and treatments for people suffering from personality disorders, and those providing support and care.

Consumer and Carer Group Program
This program will be developed with consumers and carers to provide psycho-education and peer support functions.

  • The carers program will be based on Spectrum’s innovative Wise Choices for Families group series
  • The consumer program will be designed by BPD consumers in collaboration with Spectrum clinicians