NHMRC Guideline for BPD

NHMRC 2012 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Borderline Personality Disorder

After considerable consultation with a range of clinicians and mental health services across Australia, the National Health and Medical Research Council launched on 15 March 2013 Australia’s first ever Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Borderline Personality Disorder. See here for a press release of the launch.

NHRMC BPD GuidelineThe guideline is aimed at health professionals working with patients with BPD, and seeks to improve understanding and recognition of BPD in health services and the community.

It will assist health professionals to diagnose, treat and manage BPD in adolescents and adults, and includes 63 recommendations covering diagnosis, treatment, management, and information for carers.

Overall recommendations from the Guideline suggest that health professionals at all levels of the healthcare system and within each type of service setting should:

  • acknowledge that BPD treatment is a legitimate use of healthcare services
  • be able to recognise BPD presentations
  • be aware of general principles of care for people with BPD and specific effective BPD treatments
  • provide appropriate care (including non-specific mental health management, specific treatments for BPD and treatment for co-occurring mental illness) according to their level of training and skill
  • refer the person to a specialised BPD service or other services as indicated
  • undertake continuing professional development to maintain and enhance their skills

To download a full PDF copy of the guideline, visit the NHMRC website here.

NHMRC has also produced a user-friendly summary of the guideline "Caring for People with Borderline Personality Disorder: A Reference Guide for Health Professionals", available on the NHMRC website here.