About Spectrum

Spectrum supports the treatment of people who have severe or borderline personality disorder and who are being treated by Victorian State Government funded Area Mental Health Services (AMHS, CAMHS and other state-wide mental health services). The service has an emphasis on those who are at risk from serious self-harm or suicide, and who have particularly complex needs.

History of Spectrum

Since the early 1990's there has been a growing body of research and clinical wisdom about effective treatment strategies for people with severe or borderline personality disorder. In 1993 the Second National Mental Health Strategy clearly endorsed the rights of these clients to access public mental health services.

Spectrum was established in late 1998 with two main aims:

  • to provide support to state mental health services in the process of change towards new treatment strategies.
  • to provide specialised intensive assessment and treatment services for clients with particularly complex needs.

Who can make a referral? Note: the information below is being updated to refelect our new Model of Care (2015-2017) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Spectrum invites referrals from Victorian AMHS, CAMHS and other statewide mental health services who are working with people with a diagnosis of severe or borderline personality disorder. If ongoing Spectrum involvement is being requested, the referral needs to be received from a case manager within the AMHS, CAMHS or statewide service.

Clients with a diagnosis of severe or borderline personality disorder whose current treatment is from the primary mental health sector (such as general practice, Commonwealth funded private mental health clinicians) or from non-clinical mental health services (such as PDRS's or Community Health Centres) must first be accepted for treatment within a Victorian Area Mental Health Service in order to receive further treatment at Spectrum.

Spectrum programs

Spectrum provides a range of programs to support AMHS and CAMHS mental health clinicians and their clients, including secondary consultation with clinicians, as well as group treatment and individual treatment with clients. Spectrum treatment is designed to complement AMHS and CAMHS treatment approaches. Gps and Private Psychiatrists can also request an assessment. See information on Making a Referral

Spectrum programs take place at our premises in East Ringwood or Fitzroy.