Finding a Service

For Individuals

These services can assist individuals with borderline or severe personality disorder, and also family members, carers or friends who want some support on an individual basis.

Some of the services/supports available include:

  • Your local doctor (GP - General Practitioner)
    GPs can do an initial assessment and can refer you to appropriate services and professionals. GPs in Victoria have access to a directory of psychiatrists who work with people with personality disorder. They can recommend a psychiatrist to you.
  • Private psychiatrist/therapist
    You will need a letter of referral from the GP to see a private psychiatrist. A GP may also be able to refer you to a private therapist.
  • Community Health Centre
    Most community health centres have counsellors. Some may have workers who specialise in mental health issues.
  • Community Mental Health Centres
    There are a number of community mental health centres spread throughout Victoria. If you are not sure which service covers your suburb, please click on the link :
  • Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)
    There are a number of sexual assault centres throughout Victoria. These centres see people of all ages who have experienced recent or past sexual assault.
    During Hours: Refer to the White Pages. After Hours Ph: 1800 806 292 or (03) 9349 1766.
  • Life Line
    Ph: 131 114
    Lifeline is a telephone counselling service available 24 hours a day throughout Australia.
  • Sane Helpline (information and referral line)
    Ph: Freecall 1800 187 263
    The SANE Helpline provides information about symptoms, treatments, medications, where to go for support and help for carers. It operates from 9am-5pm weekdays.
  • Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Inc (VMIAC)
    Ph: (03) 9387 8317
    A statewide service that is the peak consumer body. They provide advocacy, community education and peer support.
  • Consumer Consultants are employed in area mental health services in Victoria. They can be contacted in relation to any issue for consumers with a mental illness who have a link with the area mental health service.

For Families

There are a number of services available for families of people who have a borderline or severe personality disorder.

  • The Bouverie Centre - Victoria's Family Centre
    Ph: (03) 9376 9844
    The Bouverie Centre has clinicians trained in family therapy. They have a team who specialise in family therapy and mental illness.
  • Relationships Australia
    Ph: 1300 364 277
    This service can assist individuals and couples (partners, parents/children, siblings) with issues in relationships.

Support Groups for Families and Carers of people with a Borderline Personality Disorder
These support groups are held on a monthly basis.

  • MIND Australia (Rosanna) Carer Helpline  Ph: 1300 550 265
  • Bouverie Centre (Brunswick)     Ph: (03) 9385 5100

Carer Support Agencies

These agencies specifically support carers.
  • Carer Consultants are employed in area mental health services in Victoria. They can be contacted in relation to any issue for carers for someone with a mental illness who has a link with the area mental health service.
  • MIND Australia is a community-based organisation providing services to people experiencing mental illness and family and friends of people experiencing mental illness. MIND provides a telephone support, information and referral service from 9am-5pm weekdays. Other services include support groups, housing and support services, and intensive outreach. 1300 550 265
  • Carer Information, Support and Respite
    All regions
    Ph: Freecall 1800 059 059
    This organisation provides information about support services for carers of people experiencing many different kinds of illness. There are agencies located around Melbourne. Your call will be transferred to your local office.
  • Mental Illness Carer Advisory Link (MICAL)
    Ph: (03) 9556 5243
    Fax: (03) 9553 4839
    MICAL is a phone support and information service for carers and families of people experiencing mental illness. It is staffed 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, with an answering machine on at other times. The phone is staffed by volunteers who are carers.