Spectrum Programs

Spectrum programs are designed primarily to assist mental health clinicians within Victorian area mental health services to better meet the needs of their clients with severe or borderline personality disorder. These clients typically have severe interpersonal difficulties, a long history of self-harm and/or suicide attempts and particularly complex needs.

Spectrum is funded to provide services for people with borderline personality disorder who:
  • Have current involvement from a Clinical Area Mental Health Service in Victoria
  • Are aged between 16 and 64 years
  • Live in the state of Victoria.

If an individual with severe or borderline personality disorder is involved in a Spectrum program, the Area Mental Health Service needs to continue their work with the client throughout the period of Spectrum's involvement. 

Spectrum provides a range of programs including:

Secondary Consultation
A secondary consultation can assist clinicians from area mental health services in their work with clients who have severe or borderline personality disorder.
Spectrum provides a specialist clinical assessment service to clients for whom a Spectrum treatment service is being considered, or where a mental health clinician has requested an assessment for a particular purpose.
Direct Treatment
Spectrum works in partnership with Victorian Area Mental Health services to provide direct treatment to people with personality disorders. This might include a group or individual treatment in the community, or residential treatment. Treatment is based on a full assessment and designed with the client and their team.
Care Co-ordination and Treatment For Clients with Complex Needs
The Chief Psychiatrist in Victoria may refer sometimes clients with particularly complex needs. Sometimes a Spectrum assessment may identify an exceptionally severe and chronic presentation. Spectrum can provide clinical leadership and direct work in some instances. 
Professional Development
Spectrum offers a range of professional development workshops in a central location. These workshops are designed to assist mental health clinicians better meet the needs of their clients with severe or borderline personality disorder.
Spectrum is also involved with:
  • Research
  • Advocacy