BPD Core Competency Workshops (2-days)

Spectrum plan to deliver BPD Core Competency workshops nationally in 2020-2021 as part of the National BPD Training and Professional Development Strategy Project. The workshops developed in partnership with the Australian BPD Foundation aim to upskill clinicians and service providers to recognise, respond to and treat people living with BPD and be inclusive of family and friends. Clinicians can effect positive changes in people with BPD and their families at every single clinical interaction whether at community mental health facilities, private psychology clinics, emergency departments, general practice, private psychiatry practices, inpatient mental health facilities or mental health support service settings.

The workshops cover the core competencies that clinicians require to enable them to effectively work with people with BPD and are as follows:

  1. Understanding the diagnosis of BPD (including symptoms, prevalence, causes and evidence based treatments)
  2. Co-existing disorders in BPD
  3. Treatment principles
  4. Treatment structure
  5. Therapeutic relationship
  6. Skills development focus
  7. Partnering with families, partners and carers
  8. Working with suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury behaviours
  9. Clinician self – awareness
  10. Focus on recovery in BPD

Ongoing mentoring and supervision will be offered to participants for the life of the project.

Workshops for Victoria were delivered face to face in November 2020 with positive feedback.

Expressions of Interest Now Open For Workshops In All States Except Victoria*

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*Workshops for Victorian workshops were delivered face to face in November 2020 with positive feedback.
Further funding will be sought to deliver workshops in Victoria sometime in the future.

Train the Trainer Workshops

Appropriately skilled clinicians/trainers may apply to participate in our Train the Trainer program to deliver the BPD Core Competency Workshops in their area. The Train the Trainer program is open to health professionals and clinicians from any discipline who are able demonstrate the following:

  • At least 5 years clinical experience in mental health, in particular in the treatment of people with BPD
  • At least 3 years experience in delivering training
  • Capacity to attend the Train the Trainer workshop
  • A commitment and capacity (either through their workplace or independently) to deliver BPD Core Competency Workshops in their state. This is not funded by the project. A fee to cover costs incurred may be charged.

The Train the Trainer program for the delivery of the BPD Core Competency Workshops involves:

  1. Attendance of the BPD Core Competency Workshop (expected)
  2. Satisfactory completion of the Train the Trainer Workshop (mandatory) – Dates to be advised.
  3. Endorsement as a National BPD Training Strategy Trainer by the Australian BPD Foundation to deliver the BPD Core Competency Workshops across the country.
  4. Potential ongoing professional development to keep endorsement as a trainer post 31st December 2021.

As a trainer, there may be opportunities to be contracted by Spectrum to deliver workshops depending on available funding.

Applications for the Train the Trainer Program will open early in 2021.

The National BPD Training Strategy initiative is funded by the National Mental Health Commission. with oversight by the Australian BPD Foundation. The Australian BPD Foundation has partnered with various organisations to develop the strategy in four stages. Stage 1 and 2 have been successfully implemented and can be accessed below:

Stage 1 – BPD Webinars - six webinars available online. View webinars

Stage 2 - BPD eLearning Modules-  5 free online modules. Complete Modules