Spectrum’s Workforce Development team is committed to delivering education and professional development to the mental health workforce to increase their capacity and capability to provide best–practice treatment and support for people with BPD and other personality disorders. 

Our team provides fee for service training and funded training workshops scheduled throughout the year either online or face to face.


Spectrum's 2021 Conference and Workshops

Main Conference:

Complexities in Personality Disorder:A Mentalization–Based Treatment (MBT) Approach - 1st October 2021 (Online Only) 

Spectrum Conference Program 2021 (PDF, 570KB)

Spectrum Conference Presenters 2021 (PDF,335KB) 

Spectrum Conference Abstracts 2021 (PDF, 617KB)

Post-Conference Online Workshops:

Principles of Structured Clinical Management for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - 4th October 2021 

MBT for Antisocial Personality Disorder - 5th October 2021 

MBT for BPD -  6th & 7th October 2021 

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