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1 day workshop - 29 November 2018

This workshop will provide an overview of several key competencies clinicians need when working effectively with people with BPD. It will cover an understanding of stigma and the misconceptions of BPD, diagnosis and differential diagnosis as well as the temporal trajectory of the illness. Participants will be given tools for the assessment and management of chronic versus acute risk, the principles for treatment, treatment planning and therapeutic relationship management. This workshop will also cover the evidence base for treatments for BPD and look at the medico-legal framework within which clinicians need to operate.

Presenters: Dr Sathya Rao and Pip Bradley

Associate Professor Sathya Rao is the Director of Spectrum and a consultant psychiatrist. He is a DBT therapist and has a keen interest in teaching and training. He held the position of chair of the Victorian Psychiatry Training Committee for over six years. Sathya is an adjunct clinical associate professor at Monash University.

Pip Bradley is the Associate Clinical Director and has a background of 20 years’ experience in mental health nursing, most of those specialising in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Her main treatment modality is dialectal behaviour therapy. Pip provides therapy, training, consultation and supervision regarding complex presentations and therapeutic risk management, as well as training and supervision in DBT.

Who should register? Students, new graduates and clinicians seeking to understand the key competencies for working with people with BPD

Cost: $250 (Payable by credit card only)


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