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1 day workshop - Thursday 29 November 2018

This training is suitable for clinicians who have done some basic training the DBT model and would like to put these skills into practice in a variety of settings
The workshop will focus on the practical application of the fundamentals modes, principles, and theory of DBT through the use of case examples and practical exercises. Participants will have an improved capacity to apply DBT skills in groups and individual modes


This will include discussion of:

• DBT Case Formulation
• Dialectics in practice
• Running DBT Skills groups
• Structuring DBT individual Sessions
• Adaptations of DBT in specialist client populations

Presenters: Marianne Weddell, and Dr Zoe Gibbs

Marianne Weddell is a Clinical Psychologist with 20 experiences in public and private setting treating a wide range of disorders, managing teams, training staff and supervising/mentoring clinicians. She has a special interest and significant experience with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), in particular developing service and family systems to work effectively in this space. Marianne is excited to have recently joined the therapeutic community at Spectrum in the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) program and as a senior clinician in the Workforce Development Team. She believes in therapy as a tool to help people understand themselves, their passions and build a life worth living.

Zoe Gibbs is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at Spectrum where she divides her time between providing DBT treatment, developing services for young people with BPD, and providing secondary consultation and workforce development. She has recently joined Spectrum after spending the past few years working at the Maudsley hospital in London where she specialised in DBT for adolescents. Zoe has a longstanding interest in providing treatment to young people with BPD.

Who should register? Mental health clinicians and other professionals working with people with personality disorders.

Cost: $250(Payable by credit card only).