Resources and support

BPD bookcoverBorderline Personality Disorder: Towards Effective Treatment -  Sold out  
J Beatson, S Rao and C Watson (2010) This is a comprehensive text on borderline personality disorder for health professionals. It provides an overview of aetiology, treatment and service system issues.




WiseChoicesWise Choices: Acceptance and Commitment therapy groups for people with borderline personality disorder
J. Morton & L. Shaw (2012) 'Wise Choices' is a group treatment manual for borderline personality disorder which is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The manual includes a CD with electronic copies of 70 participant handouts.

Mainly written for therapists it also provides useful information for people with BPD and those that support them.


 Both books are available for purchase by contacting us on spectrum@easternhealth.org.au or download the order form (156KB PDF).