Resources and Support

We understand that it can be challenging to navigate the mental health system, to find a clinician or service that provides a particular treatment, in a location that is accessible, and within the person’s means. That’s why it’s worth investigating the different types of therapeutic approaches and finding out what your options are. Below we offer some guidance to finding support in Victoria, Australia.

Support groups and workshops

While there are no established ongoing support groups or workshops for people with BPD in Victoria currently, we offer workshops for people with BPD that are co-facilitated by a consumer and Spectrum clinician. For further details, please phone Spectrum Intake on (03) 8833 3050.

Online supports

There are various online supports that people with personality disorders have found useful. Online supports can be useful because:

  • they are available 24/7
  • contributions can be anonymous, so you might feel comfortable sharing in a different way
  • they are free and accessible to anyone with a computer.

However, online supports also have some drawbacks. For example, they may be un-moderated, which means they may be used in ways that are unhelpful or distressing. Because users are anonymous, people can contribute in ways that are not accountable. We suggest you check online spaces out for a while before participating.

For more information about accessing treatment in Victoria, use this link.