Conference presentations

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Conference presentations

Spectrum’s research is regularly presented at conferences across local, national, and international settings. If you would like to learn more about the research, please contact the Research Centre via the options below.

The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders Congress 2023

'Borderline personality disorder and self-reported sleep characteristics – a vicious cycle?' - Presented by Sangeeth Vadaserri, Jillian Broadbear, and Rowan Ogeil

'Working towards equity of access for people living with BPD – The National BPD Training and Professional Development Strategy' Symposium - Presented by Rita Brown, Brin Grenyer, Marianne Weddell, and Cathryn Pilcher

'Helping systems to reflect: Secondary consultation to support working with complexity' - Presented by Julian Nesci

'Community-based model of care for people with personality disorder' Symposium - Presented by Sathya Rao, Cathryn Pilcher, Hemalatha Jayaram, and Jillian Broadbear

'Systemic responses to crisis-driven behaviours' Symposium - Presented by Jillian Broadbear, Sathya Rao, and Rita Brown

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Please contact the Research Centre via email or call (03) 8413 8750 (ask for Assoc. Prof. Jillian Broadbear, Head of Research)

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