Training for services

Spectrum may be able to offer workshops and capacity building programs tailored to meet the specific training needs of your service.

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One off workshops are designed to increase the skills and knowledge of staff to work with personality disorder and/or complex trauma. We offer a range of topics such as foundational training for engaging with individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) in non-clinical environments, BPD Core Competency, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for BPD, Mentalization-Based Treatment for BPD, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, strategies for managing crises associated with BPD, and approaches for supporting young individuals with complex needs.

Content can be developed and tailored to meet the service’s requirements. Workshops can incorporate theoretical, practical, and experiential components, according to the service’s needs.

Capacity building programs

Spectrum is committed to advancing the capabilities of services through targeted capacity-building programs, focusing on the comprehensive development of services' competencies and processes. These programs are specifically designed to address how to work with people with personality disorders and/or complex trauma, ensuring that professionals and services are equipped with the latest evidence-based practices.

Our capacity-building programs for services encompass a range of important areas, including:

  1. Organisational development: We work with services to refine a service's structures and processes, enhancing operational efficiency and service delivery. This includes streamlining workflows, improving communication channels and fostering a collaborative work environment that supports the well-being of both staff and people with personality disorder and/or complex trauma.
  2. Professional development workshops: Spectrum offers tailored workshops with regard to working with people with personality disorder and/or complex trauma that are specific to the needs of the service. These workshops are designed to deepen practitioners' understanding and skills, enabling them to deliver more effective care.
  3. Post-training support and supervision: Recognising the importance of ongoing support, Spectrum provides continuous supervision and mentorship post-training. This ensures that the skills and knowledge acquired during workshops are effectively integrated into daily practice, promoting a sustainable improvement in service quality.
  4. Process improvement: Our initiatives also focus on enhancing the overall processes within services. By adopting best practices in case management, engagement, and inter-agency collaboration, services can improve their responsiveness and effectiveness in treating complex cases.
  5. Embedding best practices: A key goal of our capacity-building efforts is to ensure that evidence-based practices become a standard part of the service's culture. This involves not only training staff but also establishing policies and protocols that reinforce these practices in everyday operations.
  6. Community and stakeholder engagement: We also emphasise the importance of engaging with families, carers, and the broader community to create a supportive system around people with personality disorders and/or complex trauma. This includes providing education, resources and support to those in the person's support network.

To make a request for a workshop or capacity-building program

To make a request, please complete the online Training Request Form accessed by the button below.


  • All training requests are now CLOSED for 2024.
  • We will only accept and review training requests for one-off workshops for 2025 after 1st September 2024.
  • In general:

    • Spectrum is unable to accommodate training requests that are limited to 1 or 2 hours.

    • For one-off workshops, Spectrum requires at least 4 to 6 months’ lead time to accommodate the request.

    • For capacity-building programs, Spectrums requires at least 12 months of lead time to accommodate the request.

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