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Spectrum’s annual conferences have an important role in bringing together people with lived experience, researchers, clinicians and prominent experts in the treatment of personality disorders and complex trauma from across the globe. It provides attendees with opportunities for professional development, improve their skills and knowledge and build confidence in their work.

Past conferences have included:

2017 Narcissism in Health and Pathology – the Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly (In person)

2018 The Many Guises of BPD: Unravelling Diagnostic Complexity (In person)

2019 BPD: Expression, Impact and Treatment across Life Stages (In person)

2021 Complexities in Personality Disorder: A Mentalization–Based Treatment (MBT) Approach (Online only)

International expert Prof Anthony Bateman, who with Peter Fonagy, developed Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) for borderline personality disorder (BPD). MBT is an empirically-supported treatment for people with BPD. It offers positive outcomes for people with complex and multifaceted presentations and a high degree of comorbidity.

Prof Bateman gives two virtual keynote addresses at the conference, considering how the MBT model has evolved and how it conceptualises and treats the complexities associated with borderline, antisocial, and other personality disorders. In addition, MBT experts across Australia will showcase how the treatment is being taken up nationally in a variety of settings.

Spectrum Conference Program 2021 (PDF, 332KB)

Spectrum Conference Presenters 2021 (PDF, 338KB)

Spectrum Conference Abstracts 2021 (PDF, 587KB)

Recording of 2021 Spectrum Conference available soon.

2022 Navigating Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges: Is it Borderline Personality Disorder and/or Complex Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder?  (In person and Online)

Spectrum Annual Conference Program (PDF, 948KB)

Spectrum Annual Conference Abstracts (PDF, 955KB)

Spectrum Annual Conference Presenter Profiles (PDF, 934KB)

Online recording available for $200 (inc GST) until 30th June 2023. Register and pay and you will receive a link to the recording.


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Please subscribe to our 
mailing list or follow our social media pages to be notified of upcoming conferences.