Spectrum conferences

Spectrum hosts a yearly conference covering diverse themes, aiming to unite health professionals, researchers, distinguished experts, and individuals with lived or living experience of personality disorder and/or complex trauma.

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Spectrum conferences

Spectrum’s annual conference plays an important role in bringing together people from across the globe, including people with lived experience, researchers, clinicians, and prominent experts in the treatment of personality disorders and complex trauma. The conference provides attendees with opportunities for deepening mutual understanding, broadening their knowledge, professional development, improving their skills, and building confidence in their clinical and peer work.

Past conferences

2022 Navigating diagnostic and treatment challenges: Is it borderline personality disorder and/or complex post-traumatic stress disorder? (In person and Online)

2021 Complexities in personality disorder: A Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) approach (Online only)

Themes of other past conferences include:

2019 BPD: Expression, Impact and Treatment across Life Stages (In person)

  • 2018 The Many Guises of BPD: Unravelling Diagnostic Complexity (In person)
  • 2017 Narcissism in Health and Pathology – the Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly (In person)

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