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The many guises of BPD: Unravelling diagnostic complexity

This conference will address the comorbid and co-occurring disorders that frequently complicate assessment and treatment of BPD. Eminent speakers will examine the problems that arise and offer their views on effective treatment for both BPD and the comorbid condition.

Many co-occurring conditions will be addressed, including substance use, depression, psychosis, eating disorders and antisocial personality.

Presentations involving Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be complex.Clinicians often acknowledge this complexity but are left with questions about which direction to take, particularly when other conditions co-occur with

A must-attend event for clinicians wanting to broaden their understanding and knowledge of BPD.

1 day workshop - 29 November 2018

This workshop will provide an overview of several key competencies clinicians need when working effectively with people with BPD. It will cover an understanding of stigma and the misconceptions of BPD, diagnosis and differential diagnosis as well as the temporal trajectory of the illness. Participants will be given tools for the assessment and management of chronic versus acute risk, the principles for treatment, treatment planning and therapeutic relationship management. This workshop will also cover the evidence base for treatments for BPD and look at the medico-legal framework within which clinicians need to operate.

1 day workshop - Thursday 29 November 2018

This training is suitable for clinicians who have done some basic training the DBT model and would like to put these skills into practice in a variety of settings
The workshop will focus on the practical application of the fundamentals modes, principles, and theory of DBT through the use of case examples and practical exercises. Participants will have an improved capacity to apply DBT skills in groups and individual modes

This one day workshop for families, friends and others who support someone with BPD (or a likely diagnosis of BPD) provides information about BPD and how to best support the person whilst still caring for yourselves. The group will explore a number of educational and practical approaches to learning new skills in the context of a safe environment amongst other carers.

Are you a health professional? Have you worked with people living with personality disorder?
SANE Australia is conducting a research project and would like to hear from you.

Does depression experienced by someone diagnosed with BPD differ from depressive disorder?

Spectrum is recruiting for a research study to understand how people with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder experience depression.

Eastern Health’s new Statewide Services building has been officially opened, with a special event on 1 March 2018. Based in Richmond, the site will be the new home for Spectrum and Turning Point. As well as a ceremonial cutting of the ribbon to celebrate the occasion, the event featured a Welcome to Country from Aunty Joy.