Education for families, friends and carers

Workshop and information sessions for families, friends, supporters and kin (carers) to learn more about BPD.

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Education for families, friends and carers

Spectrum offers a one day workshop and 3-hour evening information sessions for carers supporting a person with (or a suspected diagnosis of) BPD. They are co-facilitated by a lived experience carer and a clinician. 

These workshops and sessions provide an opportunity to learn more about BPD, find out how to best support the person you care about whilst still caring for yourselves, and a chance to explore commonly asked questions. The group explores educational and practical approaches to learning new skills within a supportive environment amongst other carers.

Please note:

This training is specifically for people who provide care and support in a voluntary capacity to a person experiencing BPD. It is NOT suited for people with lived experience of BPD unless they are in an active caring role for someone else who has BPD. 

This training is NOT intended for clinicians/workers or paid carers.

Learning more about BPD: A workshop/session for families, friends and carers

One day in-person workshop or 2.5 hour online session

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