Get involved with Spectrum's research program

Are you interested in participating in research that will improve our knowledge of borderline personality disorder? Spectrum has an active research program that evaluates the effectiveness of treatment, explores the impact and management of disorders that co-occur with BPD, examines complexity in relationships and gives consumers, carers and clinicians a voice in the rapidly expanding field of personality disorder.

Volunteering to participate in research is a personal decision. We all need to carefully consider the risks and benefits before taking part. Find out the potential benefits and risks that might be applicable to you.

We have a range of projects that are currently recruiting. All of the projects that are listed here have been approved by the Eastern Health Human Research and Ethics Committee. The titles of these projects are listed below. Please check the information via the associated link in the first instance to familiarise yourself with each project’s purpose and requirements, then email the contact person named in the link if you would like further information.

Does depression experienced by someone diagnosed with BPD differ from depressive disorder?

Read more about the borderline personality disorder and depression study.

The experience of auditory hallucinations in BPD

For more information or to participate, please contact: Zalie Merrett (principal investigator) on 0488 781 093 or email 2352656@student.swin.edu.au.

Sexuality, personal identity and impulsivity in people with borderline personality disorder

Read more about the sexuality and borderline personality disorder study.

Relationships study

Read more about the relationships study.

For more information regarding Spectrum's research program – participation, collaboration, publications - please contact Spectrum.Research@easternhealth.org.au.