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DBT team

If you are seeking help for a medical emergency or crisis involving personal safety (e.g. suicidal feelings, domestic violence or homicide), please contact one of the Emergency support services listed below for immediate telephone assistance.


Phone Number

Fire, Ambulance or Police



13 1114

Kids Helpline 

1800 551 800


1300 789 978

People with personality disorder – and those who support and care about them – often feel overwhelmed or in crisis. While a crisis feels overwhelming, it also offers an opportunity to respond differently – in fact, how we respond to crises can be incredibly important in a person’s recovery. 

If you are in crisis yourself now, you may wish to try some of the following:

  • self-help tools from Lifeline – this is a collection of strategies that some people have found helpful when they have been in crisis; these include
    • grounding techniques,
    • taking a walk,
    • watching a video or listening to music, 
  • talking to someone about something other than what is going on with you to distract you from the thoughts,
  • slow down your breathing.