Health professionals

Associate Professor Sathya Rao is a psychiatrist and the Executive Clinical Director of Spectrum, specialist service for personality disorders in Victoria. He is the Vice President of the Australian BPD Foundation. He is also an adjunct clinical associate professor at Monash University. Dr Rao is involved in clinical research and has published research papers, contributed chapters and co-authored books on borderline personality disorder (BPD). He was a member of the NHMRC Clinical Practice Guidelines development committee, 2012. He has taught clinicians across Australia and was the head of psychiatry training program of Victoria for the RANZCP previously. He is involved in treating complex personality disorder patients and provides second opinions and secondary consultations for complex clinical conditions associated with personality disorders. He was the recipient of the 2020 Meritorious Award of the Victorian Branch of RANZCP.

Professor Jo Beatson is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist who has worked in the field of Personality Disorders over many years. She is particularly interested in how early childhood experiences influence personality development in the direction of health or pathology and in what psychotherapeutic treatments are able to achieve through treatment of these disorders. Jo has supervised, taught and published widely in this area and is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost authorities in the field.

Peter Smith is an accredited mental health social worker in private practice who also has many years’ experience in a variety of contexts including: rights and advocacy, policy and governance for a student union and housing and accommodation for homeless people with mental health concerns. More recently and extensively he’s worked in public mental health outpatient clinics in a variety of roles, including as a case manager, in outreach support for homeless people and in crisis assessment and intervention including PACER. He now works for Spectrum as a therapist, community educator and trainer and engages in secondary consultation in the Personality Disorder Initiative.

Marianne Weddell is a Clinical Psychologist with 20 years experience in public and private setting treating a wide range of disorders, managing teams, training staff and supervising/mentoring clinicians. She has a special interest and significant experience with BPD, in particular developing service and family systems to work effectively in this space. She believes in therapy as a tool to help people understand themselves, their passions and build a life worth living.

Madeline Andrews is a psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist and senior clinician who works in Spectrum’s Psychoanalytic Clinic and Complex Care Service.

Rita Brown is the Carer Consultant for Spectrum and provides a lived experience of supporting/caring for someone with BPD at a number of Spectrum’s workshops. Rita is a volunteer and board member of the Australian BPD Foundation and a co-facilitator of the Mind Australia BPD Family and Carer Support Group.

Dr Lukas Cheney is a consultant psychiatrist at Spectrum. He has training in Dialectal Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) and has a keen interest in research to improve our understanding of personality and associated disorders. In his work at Spectrum, Dr Cheney is involved in the most complex cases of personality disorder from across Victoria and to mental health services seeking consultation around Australia. Dr Cheney is a strong believer in a stepped care model of treatment for personality disorder and the idea that, with the right knowledge, any mental health clinician can engage therapeutically with a person living with personality disorder.

Harry Constantinou is a psychologist practicing psychoanalysis in Spectrum’s Psychoanalytic Clinic and has been a senior clinician at Spectrum for ten years. He also works within Spectrum’s Referral and Consultation Service.

Zoe Gibbs is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at Spectrum where she provides DBT for adults, young people and their families. She’s been with Spectrum for several years now where she coordinates the DBT team. She has a particular interest in working with BPD in a youth population, having spent several years working at the Maudsley hospital in London where she specialised in DBT for adolescents, in addition to experience within the CYMHS sector in Victoria.  

Kat Kahler is a qualified mental health nurse and has over 15 years of experience in working in a variety of public and private mental health settings in Victoria, interstate and overseas. Over the past few years she has worked as an Emergency Mental health Clinician in one of Melbourne’s Metro hospital and currently works in Spectrum on a part time basis.

Dr Julian Nesci is a senior clinical psychologist and accredited MBT practitioner and supervisor. His work with Spectrum includes direct delivery of MBT in group and individual formats, as well as Complex Care Service consultation and treatment for consumers, carers, clinicians and services. Julian also has a background in working with severe eating disorders, and together with his colleagues he is advancing Spectrum’s MBT program accreditation with the Anna Freud Centre in London.

Ben McGill is a psychoanalyst, social worker and senior clinician who works in Spectrum’s Psychoanalytic Clinic and Complex Care Service. Ben has been working with Spectrum for 13 years.

Andrew Mottram is a senior clinical psychologist and accredited MBT practitioner and supervisor. He holds broad experience in working with complex and severe personality disorder across several therapeutic modalities including ACT and DBT, focusing solely on MBT since 2016. His work with Spectrum includes Complex Care Service consultation and treatment as well as the delivery of MBT to both groups and individuals. Andrew is passionate about this treatment approach and the value it holds for both consumers and clinicians.

Cathryn Pilcher is the Clinical Manager of Spectrum and an Occupational Therapist with 15 years’ experience in Mental Health. She is a DBT therapist and was involved in setting up a regional DBT program in Western Australia. Cathryn’s provides consultation, supervision and training and as an OT, is passionate about helping people with personality disorders regain a meaningful and purpose filled life.

Dr Alex Potter is a senior clinical psychologist and MBT therapist. He has experience working with clients with complex personality disorders in community, forensic and private practice settings. At Spectrum he is a member of both the MBT team - running groups and working with individual clients – and a member of the Complex Care Service providing treatment and consultation. Alex sees MBT as a dynamic and flexible modality for working with people with personality disorders.

Jo Veltkamp is a mental health nurse with experience in a variety of roles in public and private health settings. Her predominant interest lies in working with those with a lived experience of personality disorder and their carers. She is currently employed as a Senior Clinician at Spectrum working in collaboration with the Spectrum Lived Experience Team (consumer and carer) and intake team.

Sarah Wallace is a Clinical Psychologist who was originally trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She has been working with Spectrum’s Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Clinic for the past two years, assisting with the facilitation of DBT groups and individual work as well as providing adjunctive therapies in family/parent work and Prolonged Exposure therapy for trauma. She has 10 years of experience spanning multiple service settings including; community mental health, non-government organisations and private practice.