Carer resources and programs external to Spectrum

A list of helpful external resources and programs for families and friends (carers).

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* Specific for BPD/personality disorder and complex trauma

The Australian BPD Foundation*

  • A charity working to promote strength-based information and resources within an environment of hope and optimism for everyone impacted by BPD. 
  • The Australian BPD Foundation coordinates BPD Awareness Week (1-7 October). 
  • Free membership and subscription to a monthly eBulletin that includes information, resources and events.

Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders (Project Air)*

Based in NSW, Project Air has a very informative website with a comprehensive range of fact sheets and treatment guidelines.

National Education Alliance for BPD Australia (NEA-BPD)*

NEA-BPD Australia run the the Family Connections Program for carers which is a 2-session course running over 12 weeks providing education, skills training and support for people who support someone who has BPD. The course was developed by the NEA-BPD USA with content based on the principles of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. 

Fostering Realistic Hope Workshop*

The Bouverie Centre, Victoria’s Family Institute, runs a workshop series for families and carers of someone with BPD. 

The Bouverie Centre also offers family therapy and has some expertise in working with families where a member has BPD.

BPD Community*

BPD Community provides a voice for members of the BPD community in Victoria with the aim of providing a supportive community for like-minded people who understand the challenges of BPD.

Resources for young carers

Information available for ‘young carers’ of a person with BPD (Young carers are children or young people up to 25 years of age, who help care in families where someone has an illness, a disability, a mental health issue or who has an issue with alcohol/drug use).

Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness (FaPMI)

FaPMI coordinators provide local coordination of supports within area mental health and wellbeing services.  

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI)

COPMI offers resources for families where a parent has a mental illness. While most of COPMI’s materials are not BPD-specific, they are an invaluable resource for parents whose mental illness affects their parenting, as well as for children affected by a parent’s mental illness.

Satellite Foundation

Satellite Foundation provides information and support for children who have a family member with mental health challenges.