Complex Care Service (CCS)

Learn about Complex Care Service (CCS) that provides whole-of-system interventions for people with severe personality disorder.

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Complex Care Service (CCS)

Spectrum’s Complex Care Service (CCS) provides whole-of-system interventions that provide specialised and individualised treatment and systemic support for people with severe personality disorder who have particularly complex needs. The complex needs may be due to co-occurring medical and/or mental health conditions, higher or worsening risk profiles, and/or additional psychosocial or systemic needs that make service engagement difficult. The CCS offers a flexible and graded approach which takes the person’s context into consideration.

Direct clinical interventions include:

  • Flexible and graded therapeutic individualised treatment approach

  • Extended assessment for diagnostic clarity and development of shared formulation and/or

  • Consideration of family work

Systemic interventions include:

  • Providing secondary consultation to the treating team to support an individualised, trauma-informed treatment and care plan approach

  • Multi-service consultation for enhancing and supporting consistency and cohesion among multiple services involved in the person’s care

  • Offering reflective practice to teams for enhancing cohesion in the support of the person

  • Providing training and support for treatment teams and other support services

  • Supervision for primary clinicians working with the person and/or

  • Family and/or carer consultation and support, either independently or collaboratively with the wider treatment team, to support inclusion of families and carers in treatment planning.

The utility of these interventions is explored following a comprehensive assessment process.

The CCS team works very closely with Spectrum treatment teams to facilitate internal referrals to more structured treatment programs if this is what the person and their treatment team collaboratively agree upon.

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