Treatment services

What kinds of treatments are available through Spectrum?

We offer various forms of treatment including:

In future we plan to offer this treatment and education program to other Victorian services in the Primary Care Network.


All referrals for Spectrum treatment require an assessment by Spectrum clinicians. To be placed on the wait list for assessment, a referral from your Mental Health Service clinician is required. For further information, contact our Intake Service staff on (03) 8413 8750 during normal office hours.

What does a Spectrum assessment involve?

For individuals completing a full Spectrum assessment, this in-depth process takes place across a face to face or telehealth appointment. The assessment is focused on reaching a comprehensive understanding of the person’s current difficulties, their personal history, the things they would like to work on, and any risk concerns that they or others might hold. The assessment also includes the completion of a variety of self-report questionnaires. A Spectrum assessment does not always lead to an offer of treatment with Spectrum. In these cases, we offer recommendations for alternative treatment or support options.